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About ISAP

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ISAP is an international organization and the result of the integration of International Conferences on Expert System Applications to Power System (ESAP) with the International Forum on Applications of Neural Networks to Power Systems (ANNPS).

Earlier, ESAP had four editions – Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland (1987); Seattle, USA (1989); Yokohama, Japan (1991); and Melbourne, Australia (1993). The ANNPS conferences had two editions – Seattle, USA (1991); and Kobe, Japan (1993).

Here is the list of ISAP conferences held so far:

ISAP 1994 - Montpellier, France, (the first integrated conference)
ISAP 1996 - Orlando, Florida, USA
ISAP 1997 - Seoul, Korea
ISAP 1999 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ISAP 2001 - Budapest, Hungary
ISAP 2003 - Lemnos, Greece
ISAP 2005 - Washington DC, USA
ISAP 2007 - Kaohsiung, Taiwan
ISAP 2009 - Curitiba, Brazil
ISAP 2011 - Crete, Greece
ISAP 2013 - Tokyo, Japan

Detailed information about the ISAP Society may be found here.