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Call for Participation

Call for papers, tutorials and late-break news/demos

Please read the calls below and take note of the important deadlines, which may be consulted here.


Call for papers

ISAP 2015 welcomes paper submissions on original work related to the general topic of the meeting: intelligent systems applications to power systems.

By intelligent systems one understands any tool or complex set of tools, models or methods that extract knowledge, perceive or learn from data or an environment or may react or respond in an adaptive manner to problem instances or conditions. Examples of these are: any tools or methods included in the concept of computational intelligence such as expert systems, neural networks, meta-heuristics and similar; data mining approaches including pattern recognition; knowledge extraction and information theory; sensory fusion; etc.

ISAP 2015 will welcome contributions that, in any way possible, describe an use (in modeling or application) of such tools and methods in any aspect of the power and energy domain and business. ISAP 2015 will also especially welcome papers that establish or contribute to cross-fertilization among distinct areas of knowledge and the power systems area.

Examples of topics (non-exhaustive) targeted by the ISAP 2015 Conference and Debate are:

  • Simulation of system operation
  • Load and renewables forecasting
  • Robotics applied in construction, operation or maintenance
  • Big data linked to smart grid operation
  • Communications and smart grids
  • System planning or component design
  • Distributed control and intelligent agent technologies
  • Control centres
  • System reliability
  • Asset management
  • Market models and simulation
  • Special systems such as vessel systems, underwater systems
  • Social, legal, ethical and business issues

To ensure a high quality of the contributions, all papers will go through a blind selection process. The accepted papers may be selected for oral presentation or paper forum sessions, according to the criteria of the organizing committee and recommendations of the scientific and technical committee.

The web site for submitting paper proposals will open in December 2014.

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Call for tutorials

The day of Saturday, September 12, 2015, will be devoted to parallel sessions of tutorials, each lasting three hours and concentrating on a single topic. The tutorials are intended to provide a stimulating coverage of that topic appealing to a general audience.


ISAP 2015 welcomes the submission of proposals for tutorials. The selection of the accepted proposals is subject to the criteria of the organizing committee and recommendations of the scientific and technical committee. The tutorials will be offered publicly in due time and their session organization will be depending on the actual enrollment of participants.

Proponents must ensure the organization and timely supply of the teaching material originals.

The web page for registering tutorial proposals will open in February 2015.

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Call for late-break/demos

ISAP 2015 will also include a special space for demos and late-breaking news. This will be held in a "non-conference" style: the program for this action will be built at the latest moment possible with the help of participants, and this session will be designed to foster interaction rather than a more traditional lecture approach.

As this is a new format of session organization, its design and forms of contribution will be further elaborated in later announcements.

Everybody is welcome to contribute. There is no deadline, but a registration procedure will be put in place. We will welcome ideas that emerge even during the conference.

The process of registration of late-break news and demos will be announced in May 2015.

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