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The Event

An opportunity to multi-disciplinary interchange: Friday, September 11

The ISAP 2015 Conference and Debate is held in Porto, in tandem with the ECML PKDD 2015 Conference. A joint Session, putting together the communities of Machine Learning and of Power Systems, is scheduled for Friday 11, at 14:00. All ISAP participants are invited! Read more here.

An opportunity to debate: ISAP 2015

ISAP 2015 will provide a luxury opportunity for discussion and debate on key topics that require an alliance of Intelligent Systems as tools and Power Systems as application domain.

A specially challenging keynote address has been set up, discussing the possible application of cognitive models, inspired in the brain, to the power system domain. Read more here.

Then, in three Plenary Debate sessions, one will address the topics of learning in a smart grid environment, of knowledge extraction in data streams and of lessons learned (and new challenges) from the Portuguese implementation of an actual smart grid city. Read more here.