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Keynote speaker

ISAP 2015 will feature keynote speeches by distinguished researchers, stimulating inter-disciplinary dialogue. We announce the following:

  • José C. Principe, Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory, University of Florida, USA

Are Cognitive Architectures Useful for Power System Applications?

This talk describes a hierarchical, distributed architecture of dynamical systems that self-organizes to explain video inputs using an empirical Bayes criterion with sparseness constraints and dual state estimation. The interpretation of the video is mediated through causes that flow top-down and change the priors for the bottom up processing. Preliminary results in several video data sets show that this approach is capable of performing unsupervised segmentation of time series (i.e. without labels).

Given that engineering system complexity is ever increasing, as is their monitoring, we submit that all these variables can be thought of as pixels that change over time leading to videos of the system state. Therefore, cognitive architecture for sensory processing may play an important role in automatically recognizing changes in states and faults in an unsupervised manner.

Recognizing that system supervision, event detection, security and threat response are among the vital functions in the Power and Energy industry, this talk proposes a cross-area dialogue and aims to contribute to the debate on what an intelligent power system is or how can it be built.

Foto JCPrincipe   José C. Principe


Jose C. Principe is Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida since 2002.

He is Bell South Professor and the Founder and Director of the University of Florida Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory (CNEL)

His primary area of interest is processing of time varying signals with adaptive neural models. The CNEL Lab has been studying signal and pattern recognition principles based on information theoretic criteria (entropy and mutual information).

Dr. Principe holds degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Porto (Bachelor), Portugal, University of Florida (Master and Ph.D.), USA and a Laurea Honoris Causa degree from the Universita Mediterranea in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He received the Gabor Award from the International Neural Network Society for his contributions.

Dr. Principe is a Fellow of the IEEE. He was the past Chair of the Technical Committee on Neural Networks of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, past President of the International Neural Network Society and past Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Florida Brain Institute. He directed 81 Ph.D. dissertations and 65 Master theses.

He wrote in 2000 an interactive electronic book entitled “Neural and Adaptive Systems” published by John Wiley and Sons and more recently co-authored several books on “Brain Machine Interface Engineering” (Morgan and Claypool), “Information Theoretic Learning” (Springer) and “Kernel Adaptive Filtering” (Wiley).