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The Conference Dinner will take place on Tuesday evening (September 15), in a Rabelo Boat that leaves from Cais da Ribeira, near the D. Luís iron bridge. 

The departure is scheduled to 20:00. An early arrival to the pier is advisable, 15 minutes before departure.

There is a maximum number of seats for the dinner, due to the limit capacity of the boat. Please inquire at the registration desk for any extra available seats.

How to get there:

1. Public transportation (taxi): radio taxi tlf: (+351) 225073900.

2. Free bus from the main gate of FEUP - INESC TEC, at 19:30. To get to INESC TEC - FEUP, directions may be found here.

More on Rabelo boats

Rabelo in the Douro valley, 1911 (photo: Emílio Biel) 

The Rabelo is a portuguese cargo boat, used for centuries to transport wine barrels to Porto, where it would become the famous Port wine.

As a mountain river boat, the Rabelo has no keel and is flat-bottomed. Its size varies between 19 and 23 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, with a single mast and square sail. To maneuver, the boat displays a long oar at the stern - the espadela.

There are regulations concerning the size, business and crew of the ship, known from 1792. The Rabelo was the main and fastest means of communication along the Douro valley, until the arrival of the railway. Sailing downstream, the Douro current was the prime mover of the boat. Moving upstream, sailing took advantage of the dominant wind, channeled by the narrow valley but, when necessary, men or oxen would pull the boats from tow paths in both banks.

Nowadays, each Port wine company maintains one or more Rabelos as a historic display. They compete against one another in a yearly regatta, in the time of the Saint John's festivities.